Senior Rust Developer

Remote / Full Time

4.5-5K U


  • Design and build new CKB scripts/contracts and dApps in the Nervos CKB ecosystem
  • Explore best practices in building Nervos CKB dapps based on the RGB++ protocol, etc
  • Collaborate with teams to enhance toolings as well as the whole Nervos ecosystem

Minimum Qualifications

  • 4+ years experience in the software development field
  • Proficiency in Rust/C/C++, with a willingness to dive deep into the RISC-V architecture space
  • May require work in JavaScript/TypeScript, such as SDK lib and test cases
  • Understand UTXO programing model
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills
  • Good skills in system analysis and design, English document writing

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with open source projects, existing open source library maintainers are preferred
  • Experience working with blockchain-related projects, specifically Nervos CKB or Bitcoin
  • Experience in cryptographic protocol design and implementation
  • Experience working with LLVM or other modern compiler infrastructure
  • Experience dealing with low level assembly code, such as x86_64, aarch64 or RISC-V

Benefits and Perks

  • Work remotely from anywhere
  • Generous allowances on computers, internet
  • Team building and all-company travel
  • Opportunity to gain experience in the blockchain industry
  • Competitive salary
  • Fast growth environment with opportunities for professional development

Contact Information